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Click on the videos listed and get the TRUTH on different issues that are a concern for you. LISTEN FOR YOURSELF.


  1. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Current Commissioner says He Is Working To Bring Rail To Clayton. TRUTH, he voted against MARTA. WATCH
  2. CITIZEN CONCERN: Current Commissioner says, Trust Him To Keep Working For Us! TRUTH, didn't listen to citizens concerns and voice. Voted to implement burn ban. Oh, and eliminate public comment.  WATCH
  3. PUBLIC SAFETY & CRIME: Current Commissioner says, He Has Voted To Add Public Safety Positions! TRUTH, he denied Solicitor General's multiple requests to pay for a Chief Investigator to to assist in keeping us safe.  WATCH
  4. SUPPORT FOR COUNTY EMPLOYEES: Current Commissioner says, He Supports County Employees. TRUTH, denied a 3% Cost of Living Increase for employees and funding for vital position for our Tax Commissioner.  WATCH
  5. COUNTY BUSINESS OR PERSONAL BUSINESS: Current Commissioner says, As Chairman of Clayton County Development Authority we can trust him to build on the past. TRUTH, In 12 yrs we've lost property value, loss of Delta jet fuel sales tax revenue and airport concession tax revenue.   WATCH

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Get The Facts

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